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Truly Great Company

We like to play our music loud or sometimes soft... we like it country, or maybe some 80's all day. You just never know what we might have on but you can be sure the conversation is flowing, the laughter is plentiful and we will have good vibes all around. We are proud to offer a sunny, welcoming  atmosphere with a joyful energy that you will feel before you can walk in the door. 

So you may not leave feeling ZEN, but you may have seen a long lost friend, or made a new one. We hope you leave feeling amazing with a smile on your face and we hope you enjoy the company we keep. 


Inspired Stylists

An inspired stylist is one that strives to be their professional best, seeking out education opportunities for new techniques, trends and technology in the beauty industry- but they don't stop there. They are creative, they listen and they can imagine you in a way that you never have. An inspired stylist can make you feel brand new, they can make you feel like you and they are the only kind we like. 

If you have never been in, set up a consultation to come chat. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down and get to know one of our inspired stylists.



Your hair adventure

Whether you are the Mt. Everest trekker of beauty trends or you like to play it safe, our goal is to help you on your journey, by listening to you, and developing a realistic path to get there. We are listeners, we are show-ers and we are do-ers, so bring us your ideas big and small, we can't wait!

Brandi is an awesome stylist. She takes her time to give a

perfect color and cut!

- Sandy Davis

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970.468.9054 | 707 E ANEMONE TRAIL, DILLON


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